Our Story - An Unusual Path

Woodsman Funding Solutions came into existence to service the needs of smash repairers. Our director, James Woods, spent several years working in Woods Auto Shops which was a business founded and operated by his father Lawrie.

After moving from Woods Auto Shops into private legal practice, James began receiving referrals from Woods Auto Shops and other smash repairers to recover the cost of repairs of the innocent parties in motor vehicle collisions. James developed significant expertise in this area and supervises this type of work which continues to be done by our associated companies
eCollect.com.au Pty. Ltd. and E C Legal Pty Ltd. 

Sometimes it takes a little while to recover funds from insurers and so James began to arrange debtor finance for the smash repairers to assist the cash flow during the recovery process.

From small beginnings, the number of debtor finance transactions conducted annually grew to the point where a formal organisation needed to be established to deal with the demand.

Woodsman Funding Solutions as you see it now is our reaction to that demand.

We have always seen ourselves as having a close connection with our clients and this continues with our philosophy of providing funding in a manner that is friendly, fast and no fuss.


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